It’s easy to pass Facebook pages off as being more appropriate for restaurants and retail, but by doing so, those in other service industries miss out on a huge opportunity. Whether you provide services in accounting, insurance, health care or another profession, how you should go about using Facebook is less straightforward, but it is vital to your visibility to prospective customers.

Teach People About Your Industry

People enlist your services because they don’t understand how to do it themselves, but there’s little to ensure their confidence by keeping them in the dark. Be upfront about exactly how your services benefit them. It’s an opportunity to diminish any doubts by instilling confidence in your capabilities. Celebrate and share your successes with effective examples including news coverage and personal testimonials by your customers. Your greatest asset is how you conduct your services, so you have nothing to lose by helping your audience understand how your services benefit them and why your company is the best to help.


Your Employees’ Personalities Are Assets

Your employees have more personality than the stock photos on your site. In fact, some of your customers might even name one of your staff members in their top reasons for sticking with you. Use those personalities to your advantage. Give people real faces and names for who they might interact with on the phone or who they will encounter when they first come through your door. Personal connections are lasting connections. Give your staff members each opportunities to share what they enjoy in and outside of work. They’ll feel more appreciated and might even share your page’s feature with their network.


Top Of Feed, Top Of Mind

Whether it be in your current customers’ news feeds or their connections’ search feeds, maintaining an active presence will also ensure your relevance. Even knowing the circumstances when your services are the most important, you can’t predict when they’ll be important for any individual. Your availability and accessibility in connection with those they know is your way to preempt their need, and how you conduct your business’s Facebook page could determine whether they approach you with confidence or seek out other options.


Goodbye Yellow Pages, Hello Facebook Pages

You can no longer rely on being discovered by your box in the Yellow Pages. People ask for and trust referrals from people they know. A friend’s “Like” alone could be just the vote of confidence someone needs to put you at the top of their list. Having faces and names of staff easily visible gives a more personable experience. Engage your active customers in person, and give them a reason to connect with your Facebook page. How your services benefit them will be more transparent and give them better reason to recommend you to others.