Facebook is now one the best marketing tools your business has access to. About 1 billion people “like” and comment on content over 3 billion times a day. Building your business a Facebook presence is about sharing content that people want to consume. One of the most important parts of creating any type of content is doing it on a regular basis. This builds a relationship with your audience. The content your business shares can come in many forms and we’ll discuss some of these now.

Immediate “Call-To-Action” Posts

The key to word-of-mouth marketing is engaging people. A Call-To-Action type of post strongly encourages engagement. A Call-To-Action post, like asking questions, putting up a poll, or sharing a short quote is an easily digestible way to encourage your audience to engage. This type of post will speak to people who only have a limited time or lack the motivation to consume longwinded posts. In this fast paced world, ease and speed of consumption is important and should be catered to.

Sharing Links to your Content

One of the best ways to leverage Facebook is to encourage people to visit your company website or read a piece of content by sharing a link in a post. The key to sharing a link (besides having interesting content behind it) is writing a title (or headline) that grabs an audiences attention.

Example 1: Here is Our New Widget
Example 2: Revolutionary Widget Will Change the Market Forever

Obviously, Example 2 is going to encourage more people to click on, read about, and share your content. Taking the time to write exciting titles for your link sharing posts is extremely important.

Using Photos and Videos to Excite your Audience

Photos and videos are great tools to use that immediately grab an audiences attention. Posting something visual will jump off the page faster than other textual types of content. A short video that you created about your business or a picture that has something to do with your industry is a fast and easy way to either tell an audience about your business, teach them about a process, or just give them an interesting multi-media experience. If successful, photo and video sharing tends to become viral faster than other types of content. The downside is that the competition to becoming viral with photos or video is very high. Videos and pictures are the most commonly shared types of content on Facebook. This means that to create a photo or video that is buzzworthy, it must really stand out. Composing catchy titles and captions can aid in getting your photos and videos shared.

Using Promotional Content to Achieve Brand Saturation

Creating buzz with promotional content like announcing events, offering coupons/special offers and sweepstakes is a great way to create brand awareness and saturation. If done well, it encourages an audiences to share this information with others in their social media circles. The key to these posts is to get creative. Making a promotion stand out with flashy graphics or a unique angle is paramount to getting it shared. Remember, there is lot of competition out there and standing out from the rest is the best form of advertising.

Most Importantly…Create Remarkable Content!

No matter what type of post you choose, and I recommend a blend of all types, the common denominator to successfully sharing them is creating something that is remarkable. Your business should strive to put out buzzworthy content. Heavily shared content usually falls into the categories of; taboo, outrageous, hilarious, or secret. This isn’t always easy when it comes to posting for your business because of the need to remain professional. The great Facebook marketing campaigns usually find a way to walk right up to the line, but not cross it, while remaining professional. Being creative and standing out from the crowd in your posts will lead to a Facebook presence that reveals itself in positive revenues.