Contrary to popular belief, Facebook has not further limited the reach of Pages’ posts to force businesses and artists to pay for visibility. Techcrunch went straight to Facebook for aresponse to the uproar by page owners, clarifying that typical reach is, and has been, around 16 percent. Promoting posts gives page owners advantages to cross existing hurdles to reach more of their existing audience and other likely interested candidates.

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Why Only 16 Percent?

It’s mostly a matter of timing. If fans aren’t online at the moment you make a post, they’re not likely to dig back far enough to see it. The other obstacle to reach is the individual users’ settings. When people “Like” a page, the default setting allows for your posts to show in their news feed. They can voluntarily select to show less of your posts or none at all. The main solution is to post valuable and engaging content, and the posts with the most interaction will earn priority and reach more of your fans feeds.

The Advantages of Promoting Posts

1. Wider Window of Opportunity

The main reason your fans may not be seeing your posts is simply because they aren’t online around the time you post it. By promoting a post, you allow yourself a wider window of opportunity for your post to slide through your fans’ feeds by placing it at the top when they log in.

2. Concentrate on Geographic Proximity

If your business and content has a local focus, there’s little to gain from paying to be seen by people in another state. Promoting allows you to set parameters for reaching a geographic concentration, reaching the people who have greater access to your business.

3. Reach Friends of Fans

Sure, the friends of your fans may not “Like” you yet, but if they fit Facebook’s profile for likelihood to dig what you’re promoting, then your story will be placed in their feed as “Sponsored.”

4. You Set the Limits

Whether it’s the amount of people you want to reach or the maximum you’re willing to pay for increased visibility, you’re in control. You can arrange for individual posts to be promoted, or you can set a time period to promote your posts in general, usually based on engagement stats. Remember to make it something worth sharing and engaging.

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Facebook isn’t forcing you as a page owner to pay out to reach your audience. Promoting just gives you an opportunity to beat the factors that keep your reach where it is. It’s up to you to decide how it best serves you in your Facebook strategy, but I think we agree that more eyes is usually a good thing.