So you finally launched a Facebook Page for your business, and your friends and family did you the favor of liking it. Now what? Instead of making enemies out of your friends by berating them to share your page, express your gratitude for their support. A little nudge afterward would probably be okay, reminding them to keep you in mind as a suggestion should any of their connections have a potential interest in what you offer. Most of your strongest traffic leads are going to be driven from your own online and offline tactics starting with the following guidelines.

Streamlining Online Traffic

Online traffic is both the easiest to direct and the easiest to lose. A cohesive online infrastructure will direct your viewers from whatever point they first encounter you to a handful of destinations while minimizing loss along the way. Following the “Three Click Rule” of good web design is an excellent way to start. From any point of encounter if your intended goal is not reachable within three clicks, you’re giving too many opportunities for your audience to get sidetracked. Have your Facebook Page represented consistently throughout your site.

Your points of encounter are likely to be content you produce, especially if it’s good, shareable content. We’ve got you covered on where to start in our earlier post [LINK] on shareable content. Your posts and videos should be optimized to drive traffic, giving a clear call to action and link to your Facebook Page. A simple “Like us on Facebook” might not be enough, so add a little flavor. Hint at what they can expect from you if they do “Like” your page, even if it’s the promise of receiving more fresh and exciting content quicker. This audience you capture through relevant interest is likely to be more involved with your new content. Promote it through all of your channels and they might facilitate a wider net by sharing to their own networks of similar interest.

Sweepstakes and giveaways are another way to drive likes. It’s not too much to require a “Like” on your page before users qualify for entry. It also gives an opportunity to appeal to your newsletter subscribers if you’ve already built a list. You might consider a slightly more involved approach, periodically offering reward opportunities for supporters who actively share your posts and refer new Facebook “Likes.” You’ll establish stronger relationships that way.

Offline To Online

Offline is a bit harder to direct, but with the increase in mobile web access, you have opportunities to convert people to “Likes.” Start by asking if your customer has already liked your page. If they have, then thank them and ask them if they’ve entered your giveaway or what they think about what you share. If they haven’t, let them know what you offer, be it great content or freebies, but keep it brief so they don’t get disinterested.

How will they get there? Either by having your Facebook URL clearly visible at key points of interaction or by placing QR codes tastefully on flyers or product labels gives the opportunity for immediate mobile access. Have something on hand to send with non-smartphone users though. Again, it’s more reassuring when you are clear about what value you’re offering them, and that should convert into a growing following.