“What a hassle,” you might say, but I’m not kidding when I tell you that you’re missing out on something big if you don’t have a Facebook Page to complement your Etsy shop. It’s your place to get the word out to those who come across your shop and like what you have to offer but need a reliable means of keeping track. Facebook is that reliable means.

1) Facebook is Where the Girls Hang

That’s just the numbers talking. Etsy’s own blog reader survey (http://www.etsy.com/blog/news/2010/survey-says-the-results-of-the-blog-reader-survey-are-here/) showed that 97% of its readers are female, 76% of whom shop on Etsy. Girls happen to dominate Facebook (http://www.mediabistro.com/alltwitter/social-gender_b24495) at 58% of users, but even more importantly they rack up 155 million more visits per month than guys on Facebook.

2) Facebook is Where the Young Girls Who Shop Hang

Since the Etsy survey was about their blog readers, it’s important to be careful attributing its results to overall users. However, an important statistic to note is that the age brackets of those who just sell or both sell and shop are higher on average than the age brackets of those who just shop. While older age brackets are some of the fastest growing on social media, that’s largely because a huge majority of younger demographics already exist on there (http://www.flowtown.com/blog/women-and-social-media).

3) Shoppers Spend Less Time on Etsy Than Sellers

You go to Etsy, you search for the category of what you came for (maybe it’s a beaded bracelet), you skim the results for the right one and you buy. There’s not a lot of customer-vendor relation in that. Maybe the shopper liked other items in your shop, but how often do we bookmark a page never to return to it? Sure, there’s Circles and Favorite functions on Etsy, but persuading shoppers to like you on Facebook is your opportunity to keep them up to date and coming back.

4) They Bought, They Like, They’ll Buy Again

Keep your customers interested by posting updates about product development and alert them of new additions to your inventory. They bought an item because they liked what you have to offer, so it’s your opportunity to keep them interested and offer more new items. Facebook let’s you keep them up to date on the latest shop news.

5) Promote Deals to People Who Will Take Advantage of Them

An incredible 66% of social media users connect with brands on Facebook primarily for keeping track of deals (http://www.edisonresearch.com/home/archives/2012/10/want-to-grow-your-brand-through-social-media-lets-make-a-deal.php). Alert your shoppers of the potential for seasonal offers and holiday sales to get them to like your page, and deliver on that promise by promoting those deals there.

The key is to get them while they’re interested. If they’re already on your storefront, get them to your Facebook too. “Like what you see? Keep up to date on new products and special deals here.” It’s especially important to make that connection if they’re making a purchase. Make sure to include your Facebook page and the advantages of liking it in your messaging.