If you’re a retailer and not on Facebook then I would guess that your sales aren’t doing as well as you would like. These days there is no excuse for a retail outlet to not have a Facebook presence. Facebook users are 51% more likely to buy that brand once they’ve liked it on Facebook and that stat should say enough about the importance of having a Facebook page. If you don’t have one don’t despair, you still have time! Here are 5 tips for retailers to get the most out of their Facebook page.

Promote Your Products

One of the biggest reasons your customers are liking your Facebook page is because they want to get as close to your brand as possible so that they don’t miss out on any news that may be important to them. Post content about new product releases, new store openings and of course discounts and sales. Almost half of your customers will like your page to stay updated on sales and special offers.

Customer Service

Although customer service is not one of the top reasons a customer will like your Facebook page it must not be ignored. When dealing with a customer service issue be quick to respond (within an hour or two) and try and take the conversation offline by asking them to send you an inbox message with more information about their problem and to get their contact information so you can help them out.

Interact With Fans to Create Brand Advocates

Recommendations via social media is as powerful thing. Engage with your Facebook fans as much as possible to build relationships with them and in turn, they will become brand advocates for you. Recommendations will send your fan count and sales through the roof due to the viral nature of Facebook.

Find Influencers

Try and find who the most influential Facebook users are that are talking about your brand. Klout is a great free tool for gauging influence. Reach out to these influencers with targeted messages to get them talking about your products, sales, discounts etc.

Link Everything

Let’s remember why we’re on Facebook in the first place: to generate sales. If you have an e-commerce site it is imperative that all your Facebook messaging have links to your website so that your customers are actually browsing your products with the intent to buy. If you don’t have an e-commerce site let your fans know where the nearest store is located to get them through the doors.

Facebook is one of the best ways to get close to your customer and in turn, let them get closer to you. Building brand advocates and getting your fans to recommend your products to their network is one of the most powerful ways retailers boost sales online and in stores so use Facebook in every way that you can to get your fans saying great things about you and they’ll soon be flaunting your products!