Facebook can be a restaurant’s worst enemy but if used correctly, a restaurant’s best friend. With any kind of business on Facebook, brand management and customer interaction should be the focus of your presence. Here are 5 things you can do as a restaurant to make sure you’re making the most out of your time on Facebook.

Engage With Fans

Always be open with your Facebook fans and be quick to reply to any questions or concerns they may voice on your Facebook page. By engaging with your fans you’re not only addressing their needs but giving your brand a voice and a sense of what their restaurant experience will be once they decide to dine at your eatery.

Provide Great Customer Service

Building on the theme of engaging with your fans, be sure to address customer complaints and address them quickly and openly. Consumers thinking about eating at your restaurant will be pleased to see that you take customer service seriously and will work hard to correct any mistakes. You should try and be as candid as possible when you’re replying to customer complaints and avoid using a canned response such as, “Please call our customer service line at 1-800-EAT-FOOD” which is just as bad as not replying at all.

Use Photo and Video

A fantastic way to give fans a sense of what your food and restaurant atmosphere will be like is to leverage multimedia like photo and video. It’s worth it to get professional pictures taken of your menu items and post them to your page to showcase the tasty food you have to offer your prospective customers. To let your fans get a sense of what the atmosphere is like in your restaurant, try creating a virtual tour of the interior using panoramic photos.

Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Advertising is a great, cheap way to get your restaurant noticed on Facebook and in your community. No one knows your customers like you do, so tailor your Facebook Ads to target the type of people that tend to eat at your restaurant and take note of which zip codes your ads are being pushed to so that you’re targeting consumers close by.

Stay Consistent With Your Brand

Your messaging on Facebook should be consistent with the rest of the messaging that appears off the Internet around your brand. If you are operating multiple locations that each have a Facebook presence make sure that your social media managers at each location have clear guidelines on what they should be posting and how they should be engaging with consumers online.

Always stay open and honest with your fans to build trust and brand advocates while posting great content to your page. By including Facebook in your marketing campaigns you’ve taken a great step to ensure that your first time customers become returning customers.