Last year Facebook passed TripAdvisor in the percentage of referrals that led to hotel reservations. Aside from your website your Facebook page should be second highest on your list of where you want consumers to spend their Internet minutes. Facebook provides hotels with a great opportunity to connect with travelers that helps lead to brand awareness, viral marketing and less vacancy! Here are 5 ways you can use Facebook effectively.

Facebook Is For More Than Just Sales

Facebook is an in-direct marketing tool. The goal of your Facebook page should be to build relationships with travellers and people interested in learning more about what you have to offer which will eventually lead to bookings. Try and post interesting content that your fans will enjoy but be sure not too post too often as you will end up clogging their news feed.

Provide Great Customer Service

Delight your customers by engaging with them on their preferred method of communication. Ask questions or post polls to get them to engage with you. This allows your brand to be much more personable and easier to relate to. For customer service complaints, respond quickly, apologize, and ask them to take the issue “offline” by getting them to send you an inbox message with contact information and details about their problem so that you can fix it immediately.

Deals and Promotions

Almost 40% of Facebook users like a Facebook page so that they can stay up to date with that brand’s upcoming deals, promotions and discounts. Give them what they want! Facebook should be the first place you go to advertise new promotions and discounts.

Use Videos and Photos

Photos have proven to be the best way to get your fans to interact with your brand. Facebook users will feel that they connect with your brand more if you post pictures from your hotel. Try and post pictures that aren’t professionally taken to give them a more genuine feel. Post videos to you Facebook page as well that highlight the amenities you have to offer.

Post Multi-lingual Content

Don’t forget that your guests are people that are travelling from faraway lands! Which means that for a lot of them, English may not be their first language. If you know that you have a lot of Spanish or French speaking guests try and incorporate those languages into your Facebook posts to connect with them even more.

Tons of travellers use Facebook daily and your hotel should too by being there building relationships that lead to customers. Interacting and listening to travellers by posting compelling content will allow you to better understand your customer and what they are looking for in a hotel experience leading to hotel beds filled with happy guests.