Thanksgiving and the shopping hysteria that follows have come and gone, so now you can dig out your holiday decorations without it being considered “too early.” While you’re decking your halls with boughs of holly, don’t forget to spruce up your Facebook Page for the festivities too. By following these suggested preparations, you’ll be well on your way to spreading the holiday cheer both online and offline.

Digital Decorations

Just as a storefront can leave an impression, so can your cover photo. Come up with a festive graphic or a good quality picture that evokes emotion. Give people a reason to feel sentimental about how you represent your holiday spirit. The overlap with your profile photo is an opportunity to get creative, keeping your business represented within the profile picture for feeds, but also as a piece of the larger cover photo. Mashable has some fun examples here (, and Copyblogger outlines some important guidelines and provides template measurements for cover photos over here ( Think of all the ways you can use your real decorations like garland or light strings to take a photo of. Do something unique enough, and that alone might get your page some attention.

Fireside Chats

Chestnuts roasting over open fires, faces give a blueish glow. Hey, that’s just how it is. While we’re all bundled up, surrounded by family, chances are we’re still glued to a screen or two. It’s just part of how life is now, so add to the conversation. Get personal, because this time is about connection and togetherness. You might even gain a few insights about your audience. Be aware of the various celebrations, and adapt your editorial calendar to share and learn from each. It’s the season of giving, and a brand that gives a sense of interest in the lives of its audience will receive interest in return. Embrace your audience’s quirkiness and involve them in your posts by sharing their unique contributions by asking them to share with you. Invoke the spirit of the season and encourage generosity to charity by highlighting ways you or your staff are giving back, and ask your audience how they are giving back too.

Give the Gift of Fun

Holiday specials and deals are another way to give. Host a holiday themed competition and offer up a reward. Be the initiator of opportunity for people to compete in a fun environment. Maybe whomever has the strangest tradition that gets the most “Likes” wins!

Don’t be a Scrooge. Indifference will not reflect well, so make your online efforts contribute to the holiday atmosphere. Be sensitive to your audience, and if you discover any void in the conversation, be the one to fill is. Above all, inspire kindness and generosity. It’s what the season is about, after all.